Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who am I? and What do I have to say?

Hello All,

I am a newly stay at home mom, who has taken on the monumental task of home-schooling my two boys. After months of research, and many discussions with friends, family and my wonderful husband, I have decided to use no curriculum. That's right, we are what is now becoming commonly known as unschoolers.

My oldest son, Nico, is six years old. He is strong willed, stubborn, and loves to think he has won every argument. Currently he wants to grow up and become an animal doctor. In the past he has expressed a desire to be a construction worker or a painter. I think he has all the natural abilities to make one hell of a politician.

My youngest son, Lucas, is four years old. He is my go-with-the-flow child. There's just not much you can do to disrupt his contentment, unless you're Nico, then you'll find a way.

Occasionally I may make mention of my stepson, Matthew. He only stays with us part time, but has played a significant role in shaping his brothers' personalities.

My children are always encouraged to ask about and discuss any topic. We don't censor, dismiss, or try to bring things down to their level. I feel that if they didn't want an honest and complete answer, they would not have asked the question.

This is a place for me to come and chronicle our learning adventures. Join me, as my boys experience no school for life.

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