Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love binds us Together

One of the things I love the most about home-schooling is the bond that I am forming with my boys. We are a closer family because of home-schooling, than we ever could be if I sent them away to school every day.

I was talking with my mom the other day, who suggested that when my boys get older, they may drift farther away from me, than if I had had girls would drift. I just don't think that is so. It's not that I want to hold my boys to me as long as possible, in fact just the opposite is true. I am always striving to give them their freedom and independence, with the knowledge that I will always be right here, when needed.

What makes me think my mother is wrong, is the way my boys show their love towards me. Everyday that I have to leave for work, they will drop everything (video game controllers included) and walk me to my car. They give me hugs and kisses, and stand at the sidewalk to watch until my car is out of sight. EVERY TIME! It's not something I have ever asked them to do, and I certainly never expect it. I simply say, I'm leaving now, and everything is shoved aside to see me off. That simple act shows me how important I am to them, more than anything else could.

And when they are 18, or 25, or even 40 years old, it wont matter if we are miles apart, because this bond that we have, wont be so easily broken.

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