Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strange Habits

One of the best parts of having children is that you get to pass along all those peculiar habits you've developed over the years. When other people seem to enjoy them too, they start to seem less strange. You can say, "See, I'm not the only one who likes...."

I suppose, like most people, I have many habits that others might find a bit odd. One of them is that I cannot eat plain vanilla ice cream. I have to have something else in it. Usually hot fudge and peanuts, or a mountain of crushed Oreo cookies. But when none of that is available, I have a go to solution. Just add milk and stir.

I know what you're thinking. Milkshake! And essentially yes, but really it's more like a Milk Float. I scoop the vanilla ice cream into a cup, add milk, stir by hand, and then eat it with my spoon, instead of sipping with a straw. (If you're thinking about trying it, here's a side note: You can't use a bowl to add milk to ice cream, because as you stir, the milk will slosh up and out the sides, and you'll end up wearing more than you eat.)

So last weekend, we ran out of peanuts and I couldn't have my ice cream the way I really like it. Tim, knowing all my wacky ways and loving me anyways, made me one of my cups and brought it out to me. Matthew sees it, and gets curious. "Why are eating ice cream out of a cup?", he asked with that you're totally freaking me out look on his face. After explaining my quirky custom, he is intrigued and decided to try it too.

Fast forward to this weekend. After dinner last night, the words ice cream are spoken aloud. Matthew rushes into the kitchen to request his in a cup with milk. SUCCESS!! That's one peculiar, wacky, strange, quirky, and slightly odd habit that has been successfully passed down to the next generation.

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