Monday, January 17, 2011

Are video games replacing board games?

They are in my house.

It's not that my kids dislike traditional board games. In fact, while they were spending two months with my parents, they played board games all the time. Of course that was because there were no video games available.

I think it's mostly my fault. I dislike board games, in the sense that they have so many small pieces that get lost, and need to be set up. Video games are just easier, because everything is virtual. Turn it on, and go.

I do occasionally pull out the board games. I've taught the boys how to play chess and checkers. We've played Candyland, Chutes and Ladder, and Sorry. I even bought them some new games, Guess Who, Connect Four, and Operation along with a couple new card games, for Christmas. Those games have yet to be opened. But the new video games they got for Christmas have been put to good use.

It's not as though I turn on the video games to use as a babysitter either. We are a gaming family. There are many games I simply cannot play, or watch the boys play, because I get pretty bad motion sickness. Luckily there are many games where that is not an issue, and so we all play together. The time that families of yesteryear were gathered around the table with their board games, my family is spending gathered around the t.v. with controllers in our hands instead of dice.

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