Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who needs thumbs?

Yesterday, Nico stated that he didn't think we really needed our thumbs. We talked a bit about what you could/could not do because of your thumbs, and I asked him if he wanted to try an experiment. Of course he did, so I taped his thumbs to his hand so he couldn't use them.

He only lasted about 20 minutes, before he was ready to remove the tape. He was able to write his name, although it was huge and took up half the paper. He was not able to hold the Playstation controller and effectively play. He didn't even want to attempt eating or drinking with out full use of his hands.

Nico thought it was a lot of fun trying ordinary things in a new way. This easy experiment gave him a greater appreciation of such a simple body part, and showed him how it makes our lives lots easier. He is eager to try it again.

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