Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been confirmed. Lucas is officially allergic to cats and dogs. More so cats, but only by a tiny margin. This is the cause of his asthma, and presumably his eczema as well.

I feel like I should have known. Looking back, there were signs, I just didn't see them clearly.

The question now becomes, What do we do with our beloved dog, Light? Do we keep Lucas on the daily allergy/asthma regimen and keep the dog? Or do we give him up so Lucas can breath easy?

We've had Light for almost two years, and in that time Nico and Matthew have become really attached. Timmy, Lucas and I aren't really pet people, so we mostly tolerate him for the others. Lucas never really gets too close to Light, but his fur is everywhere! Nico has accepted that we may have to give him up rather graciously, but I know if the time comes he will be heartbroken. Thankfully we already have a great home lined up, just in case. A place where Nico could go visit often.

I only spoke with the Dr. briefly on the phone when she told me the results of his allergy test. We have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks, and we will speak more in depth about it then.

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