Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tonight's conversation

The boys spent most of the day with their uncle, which tends to get them overly excited. On the way home they were trying to convince me to sign them up for boxing. When I informed them boxing isn't a sport children can partake in, they decided on wrestling instead. T.V. wrestling to be more precise.

Anyways, the boys had the funniest conversation in the car, and I'm going to try and recreate it here for all of you.

Lucas: Sometimes people make a mistake and think they are boxing when they're really wrestling.

Nico: No one is going to think that, because the sign on the building will say wrestling.

L: What if they couldn't read?

N: Well, when they walk in someone will say, "Welcome to wrestling." then they'll know. Besides if they can't read, how would they think it says boxing?

L: Well what if they were blind, and drove up thinking it was boxing.

N: If they were blind, they wouldn't be driving. Unless they took a taxi, then they would know where they were.

L: What if they walked?

N: If they were walking, they would have a helper dog, to take them where they wanted to go, then they would know they were at wrestling and not boxing.

L: What if they were allergic to dogs?

N: Then they could get their wife to help them.

L: What if they weren't married?

N: Then they could get their mom or dad to take them.

L: What if they didn't have parents?

N: If they didn't have parents then they were never born, and wouldn't be doing boxing or wrestling.

At this point they both were just having so much fun playing the what if game, which somehow led to someone (presumably the blind guy, who is allergic to dogs, has no family, and was never born) peeing in the sink.

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