Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School

What does back to school mean for unschoolers? Generally speaking, since there is no distinction between life and learning, there are never breaks from school, and so no need to go back to it.

But things do change for us in the summer, and during other traditional school breaks. Mostly because the other kids are out of school, and the places we like to visit become way too busy and crowded. Also, living in Florida, it's just too hot in the summer to venture out of the house often.

So back to school for us, means we will once again have a full calendar of events. Our monthly field trips to the Oakland Nature Preserve are starting back up on Friday. Other field trips are being discussed within our group, and will be filling up the calendar soon. In early September we start meeting with our home-school group once again, for our weekly co-ops. Some changes have been made this year, and we are looking forward to some fun and exciting classes.

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