Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun with Percentages

I just got back from a trip to the grocery store with Lucas, where I spent the last half hour listening to him explain to me the different levels of his food centers.

See, his sugar center is at 90% because of the ice cream we had after lunch, and no he does not want a free cookie today. If he eats a free cookie, his sugar levels will get to 100%, and then he can't have any more sugar for the rest of the day.

His fruit center is at 50% because he just had fruit in his yogurt, and fruit in his ice cream. But I should really buy him those pear fruit cups because he loves pears, and just one cup will bring his fruit level up to 100%.

His cheese center is currently at 0%, so I need to buy him some cheese sticks, and also cheese balls. Just one cheese ball will bring his level up to 100%, two will bring it to 1000% and three will bring it to infinity, so what ever I do, do not let him eat three cheese balls.

We're having lasagna for dinner, and his lasagna center is way down in his leg, but only a few bites will fill it up to his belly and put him at 100% there too.

His drink center is at 0%, so we just have to stop at a gas station to get him a drink.

Some days that boy just cracks me up!

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