Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bowling and Independence

We went to the bowling alley the other night, and the boys got to bowl. This was their second time bowling. Nico did pretty well, bowling an 85 his first game and a 60 something his second game. Lucas still had a hard time with the weight of the ball; he needed a lot of help.

I love that my boys are now old enough that they don't need to be watched every second. After they were done with their two games, I was still bowling on the other lane, and was able to send them over to the arcade to play. They knew where to find me, if I was needed, and I was able to check on them every few minutes. They didn't have any money to play the games, but they love watching others play, and climbing on the equipment.

The boys really love that little bit of freedom and independence. Since I've never been the type to hover, I know my boys can solve their own problems. I also know, when faced with problems that are too big for them, they don't hesitate to ask for help. They aren't the type to bully other kids, nor are they the type to stand by and let other kids bully them. I am confident that they can interact, in a public space, with other kids, on their own, and have a wonderful experience, despite the fact they haven't been properly socialized in a school.

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