Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good to have them home!

The boys are back in town!

It's easy to tell because the volume in my house has raised to an alarming level again. The house is filled with conversations, arguments, laughter and tears. It's only been two days, but already I can't wait to get to work for some quiet, me time.

They've definitely grown and matured in the two months they were away, but they are exactly the same as I remember. Nico, forever seeking the spotlight; stubborn as a mule and can't go a full minute with out making some kind of sound. Already I've been furiously frustrated with him, and yet all I want to do is smother him in hugs and kisses. Lucas is still silly beyond measure, and so sweet. He has developed a little bit of a back bone, and isn't quite so content to let his brother push him to the side.

No matter how loud the house gets, how frustrated and tired I get, I am ecstatic to have my boys home again. The hugs, kisses and snuggles, are worth every headache!

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